MyFamily Pet Tags HushTag

Hushtag is the new collection of "silent" tags. The extraordinary and innovative feacture of this MyFamily production consists exactly in the very complex treatment process that sees the fusion of the two materials, rubber and metal that together create an indissoluble body. Manufactured in aluminium or brass, they are available in different colours!

Hushtag 系列特別之處就是“靜音”。創新加上非常複雜的生產製程,以特別的處理手法把橡膠和金屬這兩種材料完全融合,永不分離。有鋁或黃銅兩種物料、不同顏色可供選擇。


This product can be customized with 4 lines on the back. Max. 15 characters on each line. Included spacing.

此產品可刻上最多 4 行內容,每行最多15個字母位,包括空䣓