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MyFamily Pet Tags The Boss

The ID Tag is made of zamak and antiqued silver plated with handicraft care. 

The product could show irregularities which are the fine result of handicraft process. MyFamily ID Tags are manufactured in Italy and are equipped with the ring to hang it up to the collar.

這款寵物名牌是由 Zamak 和仿古鍍銀製成,並經由工藝師手工護理。產品會出現不規則現象,這是由於手工工藝的優良效果。MyFamily ID名牌在意大利製造,包裝上包括有掛環。

Features of Bronx ID Tags:
- Material: Zamak antiqued silver plated
- Free customization
- Equipped with a ring
- Made in Italy

This product can be customized with 3 lines on the back. Max. 15 characters on each line. Included spacing.

此產品可刻上最多 3 行內容,每行最多15個字母位,包括空䣓



Example 1: 

(Use ";" to specify line-end, 在句子後面加上分號 ";" 作換行用)

Entry 輸入: LUCKY;12345678;Home Sweet Home

Finsih view 完成效果:

  1. LUCKY
  2. 12345678
  3. Home Sweet Home

(Align Center 文字至中)


Example 2: 

(Auto line-end over 15 charaacters, 此例子15個字母後自動換行)

Entry 輸入: LUCKY the bull dog 12345678 back home

Finsih view 完成效果:

  1. LUCKY the bull
  2. dog 12345678
  3. back home

(Align Center 文字至中)


    • Don't leave products out under sunshine in a long time or near direct heat
    • Undressing the product from your pet before wash
    • Clean with mild soap and clear water only
    • Air-Dry only
    • Never wash in a laundry machine or dry clean.
  • FREE SHIPPING on any orders over HK$300


    *This site manage by distributor, we only ship to Hong Kong, Macau and China


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